Sitting Around on a Sunday – Summer Reading Bingo Update

After one month, here is what my bingo card looks like:

photo (7)Books read:

Currently on the best seller list:  The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.  This was a re-read as my book club was discussing it in June (sadly I couldn’t attend) and I wanted to read it again before I see the movie (still on the to-do list).  I didn’t sob as much as I did the first time I read it, but it was still emotionally powerful.  The scenes with Hazel and Gus at the Anne Frank Museum were especially strong this time, as I was there myself in December and remember having to struggle up the very steep steps – I can’t imagine how Hazel with her “crap lungs” could have done it.  If you haven’t already read this book I highly highly recommend it.

Set in another country:  In The King’s Arms by Sonia Taitz (set in England).  This is a novel set in the 1970s who flees her Holocaust survivor parents to study at Oxford.  There she meets a boy from the upper crust of society and love ensues, along with some anti-Semitism.  I was a little disappointed with the overall story, but the writing style was nice.

Young adult novel:  We Were Liars by E.Lockhart.  I have seen so much hype around this book and its shocking ending but to me it was quite a disappointment.  The overall story was rather boring and the “twist” was nothing I hadn’t seen in other books/movies before.  It is about a well-to-do family and their summer homes on an island off the East Coast of the U.S. and the events that happened one fateful summer.  If you are interested in something like this, I suggest waiting a while for all of the hype to die down.

Published in 2014:  All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr.  I absolutely loved this book.  Not only is it set in France during World War II — two of my favorite book subjects — but the writing is absolutely beautiful.  I hope to write more about this book shortly.

Nonfiction:  Nine Lives:  In Search of the Sacred in Modern India by William Dalrymple.  This has been on my shelf forever and I used this bingo to finally read it.  The author focuses on nine religious followers in India, not of the mainstream but of sects of that country’s major religions.  I’ve mentioned before that I would love to visit India but I’m afraid to, and this book didn’t necessarily cure me of that, but I was interested in how different religious practices can be even under the same “umbrella”.

So, not bad progress.  I see that I’m close to getting a complete line right down the middle – I have a couple of graphic novels on the shelf, but as most of my family aren’t avid readers I might have trouble getting any recommendations from them.

There’s still time to play if you haven’t already started your bingo card.  Head to this post at Books on the Nightstand to generate your own bingo.  And if you have been playing along, how does your card look?




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2 Responses to Sitting Around on a Sunday – Summer Reading Bingo Update

  1. Chris Wolak says:

    I have to dig out my list and see how I’m doing. I think I have 4 read.

  2. gsjonuk says:

    I took by 13 yr. old daughter to see The Fault in our Stars movie. She has read the book at least 3 times she contends. I’ll have to give it a read when I can pry it away from her. The premise of the book was interesting; setting some of it in Amsterdam was even better. I overheard my daughter telling her friends that she had seen several of the locations in the book and movie and it warmed my heart. To me, one of the values of travel is to experience the perspectives that we see in media or read in print. It brings ideas alive, widens what we know, and rounds out what we thought we knew. It also reminds us about all that we don’t know. Thanks for these recommendations Sue!

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