Sitting Around on a Sunday – Father’s Day edition

I don’t think I ever saw my dad read much when I was growing up.  He would read the newspaper but that was about it.  In recent years, though, he has begun to read more, but it is not only because he is is retired.  Dad suffers from polycystic kidney disease (PKD), and it has progressed to the point where for the last year he has required dialysis treatments 3 times a week.  He has other health issues which make him not a good candidate for a kidney transplant so this will be part of his routine for the rest of his life.

But to make lemonade out of lemons and he is using at least some of the time he spends in treatment reading.  The man is teched out with his iGadget and several reading apps and he reads history books and has become a fan of Kathy Reichs’ Bones series.

On Father’s Day 8 years ago when I called Dad to wish him Happy Father’s Day he revealed his recent diagnosis of PKD and since it is a genetic disease he suggested I be tested for it.  Several weeks later I did and found out that I too have PKD (my two brothers were also tested but have no signs of the disease so I won the genetic lotto).  My symptoms are still pretty mild in comparison to Dad’s, but as there is no known cure it is likely that dialysis and possibly transplantation will also be in my future.  I’ve always longed for extra reading time, but I am not entirely sure that this is how I want to achieve it 😉

For more information about PKD visit this website:, and if you haven’t already done so, please become an organ donor.

Happy Father’s Day, everyone.


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  1. gsjonuk says:

    Sorry to hear about your diagnosis Sue. I hope your symptoms continue to be mild. I can’t help but think your emphasis on increasing exercise in your life will help with that. Have a great week of reading. I have had the time to read two novels this week and It has made me realize how important reading is for health and wellness.

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