Readers’ Workouts – Honesty is not Always the Best Policy

The Readers’ Workouts meme is hosted at Joy’s Book Blog.   This is a place to share exercise successes and challenges.

Ah, the Marine.  He asks questions that I know I shouldn’t answer honestly, but I do and get myself in trouble.

At the beginning of each workout he asks if I was sore after the last workout.  I usually say no, because I am genuinely ok — my muscles are tired, sure, but I can generally function as a normal human being.  This always perplexes him, so he pushes just a bit harder, and a bit more, and a bit more.

Last Wednesday he had me doing drop sets, which are sets of 15 reps, 12 reps, and 10 reps with 10 second rest in between (that is ONE SET, I had to do four drop sets of each exercise).  Wednesday we usually work on lower body, so I was doing squats, calf raises, leg extensions, and leg curls (there may have been an interval on the rowing machine, too — my mind has tried to block it all out).  I persevered, and even managed to get my prescribed 15 minutes of High Intensity Intervals on the elliptical machine afterward.  When I was done though, I had to walk.down.the.stairs (I curse the architect who designed my gym).  And when I got home — more stairs (curses 2 story house!).  I was sore – my g*d I was sore – and it was Sunday before I could walk without feeling the ache in my legs.  So when the Marine asked me on Monday how I felt after the last workout and I told him, he had an evil grin on his face ……. it’s a good thing he is a nice guy.

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3 Responses to Readers’ Workouts – Honesty is not Always the Best Policy

  1. joyweesemoll says:

    Ha! Fun story — don’t know that those stairs would be fun, though!

  2. Vicki says:

    Loved your story about the Marine! How many times does he torture, I mean train you each week?

  3. Leeswammes says:

    That Marine is worth his muscles in gold! He seems to know exactly what you don’t need (but need all the same).

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