Reading Withdrawal Part Deux


Last weekend I had little time to read because I was visiting with my family in Minneapolis and I was cooped up with my hub in a hotel room.  Since then I have had little time to read – or blog, and I’ve had some good ideas for posts – because I have been buried at work.  I missed lunch most of last week and I spent most of this weekend working (at home, thankfully, but still …) and I’ve been desperately craving even one lonely hour just to sit down and quietly lose myself in a book.  It’s just after 9 pm Monday now and I’ve spent a few hours on some work I brought home, and once I’ve finished this post I will able to grab maybe 30-45 minutes of reading time before I collapse from exhaustion and wake up at 5:30 am to start all over again.

And it makes me anxious, because of the books I “need” to read in the next few weeks, for book club or for a blog tour or because they will be due back at the library — how will I find the time?

I admit that in the past I may have spent too much of my time reading, but this is the opposite extreme.  Can I please please find a happy medium?


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2 Responses to Reading Withdrawal Part Deux

  1. gsjonuk says:

    I have a full day workshop I am delivering at the end of the month and a job competition I need to prepare for at work this month. Combined with getting the gardens planted and spring home maintenance will make May abnormally hectic. All that to say, I will be sharing your anxiety and looking forward to a slower paced June. Giver hard Sue! See you on the other side.

  2. Chris Wolak says:

    That is so frustrating. At least you have Booktopia to look forward to. What is it, only 9 days away?? Hang in there. Take it out on the Marine. 🙂

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