A Win-Win-Win!

So regular readers (if you are still around, I know I’ve been very bad!) may remember that I absolutely loved Wiley Cash’s first novel, A Land More Kind than Home, and how I was brought to the novel thanks to the owner of my local independent bookstore (click here for the post).  Well, Cash’s second novel is being released in January (yay!) and because of the support he received from independent bookstores across the country he is making a special offer:  if you preorder This Dark Road to Mercy at any independent bookstore between now and its release date and e-mail Wiley Cash a copy of your receipt, he will in return e-mail an excerpt of the new novel as well as an unpublished scene from A Land More Kind than Home (details are in this blog post).

I can’t get to my local indie for a few days but I’ve let them know about this amazing offer and once I’m in the store I will be preordering my copy, and hopefully they will be able to use this to get traffic into their store and to sell more books.  Win for them, win for Wiley Cash, and a win for readers!

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