My Bookish September

I know I’m likely in the minority, but September is one of my favorite times of year.  I loved the whole back to school season, when I would buy new notebooks and pens, and eagerly anticipate my new classes and what I would learn in the coming months.

(Have I mentioned that I’m also a dork?)

So I don’t have to buy new supplies and I (probably thankfully) don’t have to worry about attending classes, but I still have that feeling of a new beginning at this time of year which means now that I will take up my blogging habits once again.  To keep me covered with topics I have several things to look forward to in September:

September 4:  I will meeting up with an online (now real-life) friend Chris (who blogs at wildmoobooks at a sort-of local indie bookstore (it’s about 20 miles away from where I live) to attend an event with Marisha Pessl, the author of the new novel Night Film , which has been receiving a lot of buzz.  It should be a fun evening.

September 16:  My book club will be meeting and discussing The Orphan Master’s Son by Adam Johnson.  This will be my second attempt at reading this book; I started it not long after it was released and got in about 100 pages before I abandoned it.  Many people I know loved this book and have told me that it does get better so I hope they are right.

September 27-29:  Booktopia in Petoskey, Michigan!!  This is a fantastic weekend of books and authors and reading and discussing the same with like minded souls.  Authors attending include Edward Kelsey Moore (The Supremes at Earl’s All You Can EatGREAT book!), Mary Doria Russell (The Sparrow, among others), Peter Heller (The Dog Stars), and Jamie Ford (The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, and the soon to be released Songs of Willow Frost.  As an aside, the hotel where I will be staying supposedly had as a guest one Mr. Ernest Hemingway (his family had a summer home in the area); they don’t mark the room in any way, but it is possible I could be staying in the same room as a literary legend!

Add to all this are two new releases that have me VERY excited:  The Lowland by Jhumpa Lahiri and MaddAddam by Margaret Atwood.  New books by two of my favorite authors would make it enough to be a great month, but they are just icing on the cake!

What do you have planned for September?

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6 Responses to My Bookish September

  1. I am so excited for MaddAdam!! And NIGHT FILM is great fun. I just finished it and I’m still thinking about it.

  2. Leeswammes says:

    That sounds like a great September, Suzanne! I didn’t like Marisha Pessl’s previous book but Night Film is a book I’m considering reading. I didn’t really enjoy The Orphan Master’s Son (well, not enough to finish it) and there are more people that didn’t love it. Trying one more time doesn’t hurt. of course.

    And Booktopia! Yay! It’s almost guaranteed to be a good weekend, isn’t it?

    • bibliosue says:

      Yes, I have no doubt in my mind Booktopia will be a great weekend, Judith! This will be my 4th one and I’ve yet to be disappointed.
      I’m struggling again with The Orphan Master’s Son, but I will keep with it just a bit longer …..

  3. Leah says:

    I love September, too! I like summer, but I’m really looking forward to the weather cooling off a bit. There’s just something about being cozy in sweaters or flannel on a cool day that I adore.

    Booktopia sounds fantastic! I’m reading Jamie Ford’s new both this month, and I’m looking forward to it; I’ve heard such great things about it already!

  4. gsjonuk says:

    September is a better renewal month than January for many. I will be voyaging to Vancouver for a wedding, winterizing the house, and beginning planning a 1-on-1 trip with one of my kids to some place culturally exotic. Which one goes, where we go, and for how long are all still unknown. Since there is still so much of the world to see, value priced air fare and a lull in work activities will dictate much.

    Oh, and football spectating. Sorry netflix, I will miss you until February.

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