An Open Letter to Rohinton Mistry

Dear Mr. Mistry,

I just finished re-reading Such a Long Journey, and once again I am blown away with how you can describe the sights and smells of Bombay – both good and bad – in such a way that I feel like I’m there and I want to visit more often.
Last fall I re-read A Fine Balance and it reinforced my claim that this is one of my all-time favorite books.
I will start a re-read of your short story collection, Tales from Firozha Baag very soon, as I will be loaning my copy of this and Journey to a friend who just finished Balance and wants to read more of your work. And then I will likely re-read Family Matters.
And then I need you to PUBLISH SOMETHING NEW! Family Matters was published in 2002 and I haven’t heard anything from you since then. None of the bookish people I follow on Twitter or other social media have any news to report on when you will be giving us a new novel.
Please put us out of our misery and release a new book. I am not entirely exaggerating when I say that I will be the first to pre-order it when it is announced and that I will be waiting patiently outside my favorite bookstore on release day to pick it up and start reading it.
Best regards,

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  1. heavenali says:

    I love Rohinton Mistry – I agree it is too long since there has been a new book. i have been thinking of re-reading the others though.

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