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The Readers’ Workouts meme is hosted at Joy’s Book Blog.   This is a place to share exercise successes and challenges.

I’ve been keeping up with my gym attendance and have worked out four times since last Tuesday.  It would have been five except we had a snowstorm Thursday and my normal 25 minute commute home took 75 and I wasn’t really in the mood to get my gear and drive out again (Winter is my favorite season, but I am not a fan of driving in winter).

I don’t know that it will ever be easy for me to go to the gym, but slowly but surely I am making it a routine.  In my mind I whine about it (“Awww, but I don’t wanna go”) but grown-up me prevails and I do what I’m supposed to do.  And the funny part is 99% of the time I feel so much better for going, while when I decide to skip out on exercise I feel rotten – physically and emotionally.



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  1. gsjonuk says:

    I’ve developed this mind glitch where I welcome snow dumps as an opportunity to shovel – which is excellent exercise. I don’t own a snowblower for that reason. Well that and my detest for mechanical clutter & my frugality regarding purchasing unnecessary large appliances.

    • bibliosue says:

      I have a snowblower (and a husband 🙂 ) but I do help with shovelling when there is a significant amount. I’ve got some nagging back problems though and have to take it slow.

  2. joyweesemoll says:

    Making exercise part of the routine — and seeing the benefits of that — is really key to long-term success, I think. So glad it’s working for you!

    I’m with gsjonuk — I love snow shoveling as functional exercise. Being more fit, I can do it now without injuring myself, using perfectly formed squats and lunges to make sure that I’m lifting with my legs and protecting my back.

  3. zibilee says:

    They say you have to do something about 30 times for it to become a habit, but working out is not really like that, I fear. It’s so hard to get going, but when you do, the results are very pleasing indeed. I also have that little whiny voice in my head that tells me that I am too tired, and more often than not, I listen to it. No more!

    • bibliosue says:

      I’m slowly beginning to think that exercise is becoming a habit, zibilee, though I know that darn whiny voice in my head will pop up every now and again 🙂

  4. I have a difficult time getting out when it’s snowy too, for the same reason. Driving in the snow is one of my least favorite things, so I’m pretty unlikely to get out during that kind of weather. I also have a hard time leaving the house when it’s super cold as well, it’s a lot more tempting to stay in my warm house! I try to oppose that by doing strength training and stuff at home during those days.

  5. mpartyka says:

    I’m also a BIG fan of winter. I don’t drive much at all these days…. never in the snow. It’s funny to look back at all the hockey commuting we did when our son was young in inches of snow.

    Great focus last week!

  6. heather says:

    The night before my morning workouts I’m very whiny about having to go but I like it once I’m there.

    • bibliosue says:

      I wish I had the motivation and discipline to workout in the morning, Heather, good for you. I try to go to the gym on the way home from work most days, and even though my bag is in the car and I have no excuses, I still whine to myself until I get there.

  7. Christine says:

    I think most of us hear that voice in our heads when it comes to getting to the gym or hitting the treadmill–some days more than others. I typically workout 6 days a week, consistently for the last three years and I STILL hear that voice in my head now and then. For me it’s when I haven’t gotten enough sleep and I’m getting up at 5 am to get my workout in. Try to remember that people regret NOT working out.. but very, very rarely, if EVER, regret when they DO workout.

    Keep up the dedication and great work!

    p.s. I counted snow shoveling this week, too, just because it was A LOT.

  8. Vicki says:

    I have a home gym, so I don’t really have any excuse not to exercise. My problem is I have to do it first thing in the morning. If I don’t, I get wrapped up in other things and don’t do it. I feel better when I exercise too.

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