Readers’ Workouts: Old Me vs New Me

The Readers’ Workouts meme is hosted at Joy’s Book Blog.   This is a place to share exercise successes and challenges.

About two weeks ago I strained my back and almost literally could not move.  Thankfully it was on a Sunday so I was able to lay down and take it easy; the next day it was still stiff but much better.  The old me would have used it as an excuse to stay away from workouts until the pain went away completely (it still hasn’t).  The new me went to the gym and exercised to the best of my ability, letting the class instructors and my trainer know I wasn’t at 100% but still ready to participate and burn some calories.  Was it comfortable?  Not entirely, but it was certainly more beneficial than sitting around.

And last week my job stress just about reached crisis levels.  The old me would have rushed home and crawled into bed (probably with a book) in an attempt to shut out the world.  The new me went to the gym and vented out a lot of frustration during my training session and kickboxing class (the poor guy who stood in front of me — I pretended his back was “someone’s” head as I punched and kicked).  And afterwards I felt great – well, not great exactly, but it certainly cleared my head.

I won’t deny that I miss the reading I sacrifice by making time to go to the gym, but I cannot argue the fact that it is completely worth it.  The old me, though enjoying the books, would be suffering both physically and emotionally.  The new me is feeling better about myself and appreciating the reading time I am able to carve out during the day.




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13 Responses to Readers’ Workouts: Old Me vs New Me

  1. Heather says:

    Good job working out your frustrations through exercise.

  2. gsjonuk says:

    Fantastic work and persistence, Sue. I’m am very proud of you and glad you are appreciating the dividends of your sacrifices.

  3. zibilee says:

    I love that you are channeling so much into your workouts, and I am proud of you. I have sort of fallen off the fitness wagon over the past several months, but hope to be back on it soon! Good luck in all that you are doing. It is paying off, and I know that you love that!

  4. I throw my frustration into my workouts too, it usually helps 🙂

    I’m sympathetic on the back injury front…I fell down some stairs about 7 years ago, trying to avoid hurting the dog and hurt myself instead. Anyway, it ultimately resulted in a smushed disk in my lower back and I was out of the game for awhile. It took quite a bit of physical therapy to get me to be able to work out again, so I’m very glad you’re able to do things at a lower level!

    • bibliosue says:

      Thank you Crystal — my back pain is nowhere near as serious as your injury but it did hurt plenty at the time, though that little bit of exercise was definitely more beneficial than doing nothing.

  5. Vicki says:

    It’s true for me too that exercising helps with my stress. Sorry about your back. Hope it’s healed soon!
    Here’s My RW

    • bibliosue says:

      Thank you Vicki — I don’t know if my back will ever truly heal (long story that you don’t want to know, trust me!) but it does feel better.

  6. Christine says:

    Sorry to hear about your back. SO uncomfortable!!! But more power to you for pushing through and getting your workouts in nonetheless. Daily exercise is SO important.. I know it stinks when it cuts into reading time (or blogging or whatever else is really fun and rewarding), but like you said, it’s worth it. YOU are worth it. Besides.. it’s good to have LOTS of hobbies. (Yes, I am referring to exercise as a hobby because eventually it becomes one.. ).

    All the best!

    • bibliosue says:

      Thank you Christine! I’m not sure if I will ever be able to call exercise a hobby, but it is worth enough to me that I am making time for it in my schedule and it is becoming a part of my routine.

  7. joyweesemoll says:

    Stress reduction is a major motivator for my exercise, too. Nothing else is as effective for me.

    Hope you’re back improves soon.

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