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The Readers’ Workouts meme is hosted at Joy’s Book Blog.   This is a place to share exercise successes and challenges.

My gym membership includes 4 Pilates Reformer classes per month (if you don’t know what a Pilates Reformer is, think of it as a medieval torture device).  I have taken a few classes in the past, but I’ve lapsed the last few months, and since I’m paying for them anyways I thought I’d better get using them; so I went to a class today.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am out of shape and not very flexible nor graceful.  And I felt intimidated by the others in the class, because they had obviously been there before – I wanted to run away.  But nothing gets easier by running away, so I stayed and I worked through the exercises to the best of my ability – and kept up pretty well, actually.  Thankfully the class is very small (there were only four of us) and since I let the instructor know when I arrived I was a bit rusty he (yep – a guy!) took time to show me proper form.  I still felt a bit awkward (hey, I can’t become graceful overnight) but I’m proud of myself for seeing it through.  Tomorrow, however, I may not be able to move but, well, that’s tomorrow.

The moral of the story for me:  Everything is hard the first time (or the first time back).  But it won’t become any easier if the first time never happens.

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5 Responses to Readers’ Workouts

  1. joyweesemoll says:

    Excellent attitude. I need to remember this: nothing gets easier by running away.

  2. Vicki says:

    So glad you stuck with it., shows how dedicated you are to getting fitter! Very motivating post!

  3. That sounds wonderful, congratulations!!! I always try to remind myself that if I’m consistent, it doesn’t matter if I’m taking baby steps 🙂

  4. zibilee says:

    This is how I feel about Yoga. At one time, I got really good at it, but I haven’t been to a class in months, and feel uncomfortable and out of shape. I really need to get back into the swing of things and get going again. It takes a lot of dedication to be good at these kinds of things, and I am proud of you!!

  5. Leeswammes says:

    Well done, Suzanne. I’m forever starting a workout routine and joining classes where everyone has been training forever and know all the steps, etc. Just go for YOU, not for the others!

    The advantage of a guy is that you don’t feel the need to compare yourself with him as much as when you have a female instructor with a perfect physique. At least, I can’t help doing that and it’s depressing. 🙂

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