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Ana Marquez-Greene spent the last few years living with her family in Winnipeg, my hometown.  This summer they moved back to Connecticut.  On Friday she was killed by an idiot psychopath with a gun that no civilian should possess.  She was six years old.

Ana was the best friend of my friend Crystal’s daughter.  When I contacted Crystal Friday, her words were haunting “We haven’t been able to tell her yet”.  Of course now her daughter knows, and her response was just something:  “Even when I am a grown up I know we will still be best friends.”

All 20 of those children were taken much much too soon, but the fact that I have a connection to one of them is making it even more difficult to overcome my sadness over what happened.  Every time I feel it is “safe” to get back on social media I see a photo or a story and I have to shut everything down again because I just cannot face it yet.

Some friends of mine have children of the same age and as I am trying to comfort them in their fears of keeping them safe, I am finding it harder to stay strong myself.  But if my pain can do anything to alleviate what those families are suffering, I will gladly bear it.

I am not a religious person, but I know that all of those children are in heaven and hope that their families can take comfort in the fact they are safe there and will come to no more harm.



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6 Responses to This is not about books

  1. A.M.B. says:

    The massacre still leaves me speechless. My heart is broken for those victims, many of them only one or two years older than my twins, and for your friend’s daughter, who has lost a dear friend. I haven’t talked to my children about what happened. They are too young to understand it (not that I “understand” it myself!).

  2. Greg Jonuk says:

    I have no compassion for these deranged soles who violate children to serve their purposes. I can’t grasp how someone, no matter how mentally ill, could conceive such evil. I truly hope Dante has reserved a special layer – just for them. I am hopeful that someday violence will weather the violent edge off human-kind; however, I am not optimistic I will be able to see such a utopia.

  3. Isi says:

    It’s terrible.
    I’ve been following the news because in my country the tragedy has been reported in every newspaper and TV channel and I have no words.
    I am so sorry for all those children, seriously, they didn’t deserve this terrible world.
    Here we are astonished because, you know, weapons are not allowed for civilians and we can’t understand why they are allowed in other countries.
    This event is meaningless. Poor families.

  4. I have been shocked by this horrific shooting and I have no connection to it at all. I can only imagine how much more heartbreaking this must be for you and your friends. There are no words. ((HUGS))

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