Sitting Around on a Sunday — The Senseless Tragedy Edition

Like everyone else I am shocked and saddened by the events in Aurora, Colorado, on Friday.  I have had to stop watching the news because now that the victims have been identified and their stories are told I get too upset at the senseless loss of life that one stupid idiot inflicted.  One of the victims was from the town next to where I live; though I didn’t know him the fact that the tragedy struck relatively close to home is unnerving.

Unfortunately, though, with the gun advocates controlling most of the U.S. government, little or nothing will change because of this.  I’m not a fan of guns, and I’ve never owned one, but I can see if a person wanted a small pistol or something to have in the home for protection; why anyone “needs” to have a machine gun is beyond me.

*getting off of my soapbox now*

In happier news, I visited my favorite indie bookstore  yesterday to pick up next month’s book club selection, American Boy by Larry Watson.  The back cover describes something of a murder mystery set in rural Minnesota in 1962.  It doesn’t sound like anything I would have selected on my own, but I said the same thing about Wingshooters and I was completely blown away.

I also bought an audiobook of Macbeth, performed by Alan Cumming.  Of all the Shakespeare plays I studied in high school (all = four), this was my favorite and I think this was because I had to do the most work for it and I got to experience it as an “actor” and not just by reading.  For this play our English teacher assigned us dramatizations, where a group of us would have to act out a scene.  My group was assigned one of the early witch scenes where Macbeth had a couple of soliloquies — and guess who got to play Macbeth?  I spent so much time memorizing those speeches that for several years afterward if I heard a line from that scene I could recite my lines perfectly (the fog of time has diminished this ability).

Funny, now that I think of it, our dramatizations were videotaped (back in the dark ages of the 1980s!), and I wonder whatever became of it.    It would certainly be good for a laugh.

Enjoy your Sunday — and be extra nice to one another today.

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5 Responses to Sitting Around on a Sunday — The Senseless Tragedy Edition

  1. It’s been horrible news.
    I’m from the UK but the story has dominated headlines here too. People here don’t understand gun advocacy as guns are just not a part of our culture or lives.

  2. pburt says:

    I couldn’t watch the news either and also agree that there is no need to have an assault rifle. Unfortunately you and I seem to be in the minority. Be kind to yourself today.

  3. Greg Jonuk says:

    I still can remember chunks of my Mac-so: Is this the dagger I see before me, handle toward my hands? Come, let me clutch thee…
    Like the true introverted-extrovert that I am I choose a scene were I did not have to practice with others but I was fully exposed on stage as well.

  4. Greg Jonuk says:

    I do remember having a choice. Although memory is a fleeting contraption, full of sound and fury, death and blight.

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