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I’ve recently started listening to a podcast called Under the Influence, which is about marketing/advertising.  This week’s episode featured the host’s (Terry O’Reilly) book recommendations, which was interesting; but in the first part of the podcast he spoke about bookmarks, and that to me was the best part of the show.

O’Reilly began by speaking about his love of books and a used bookseller he frequented.  This led to the topic of bookmarks, specifically what things people used as bookmarks.  It seems that people use anything from plane tickets to money to strips of bacon (!) to mark their place in what they are reading. 

Some people use letters, like this one found in a book at a yard sale in Liverpool:

I personally love bookmarks, and I have my own little collection.  I have bookmarks from various bookstores, handmade bookmarks, magnetic bookmarks, and whenever I travel my souvenir of choice is a bookmark displaying an image of the place I am visiting. 

While I’ll use something like a ticket stub or piece of scrap paper in a pinch, I always put in a “real” bookmark from my stash at the first opportunity.  I’m weird like that.  I only resort to folding the corner of a page in the most extreme of circumstances, and only then again until I can get a real bookmark or post-it note to mark the passage.

What is your position on bookmarks?  What is the weirdest thing you have ever used to save your place in a book?

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5 Responses to On Bookmarks

  1. Hmm… Tough question! I use anything I have at hand as a bookmark. Sometimes I use other books as bookmarks, which often doesn’t work as they easily slip out. I use dustjackets, receipts, price tags from clothing, candy wrappers, business cards, Post Its, etc. All those seem pretty normal and boring, but I do use whatever I can lay hands on. I must admit, I’ve never used bacon or any other food, though! Icky. Seems to me I have used strange things but I can’t think of them now. Of course.

    I love to find other people’s bookmarks. I’ve found a Victorian valentine, a pencil sketch of a 1920s couple – a flapper and her dashing boyfriend/husband, money (only $1), receipts, airline ticket stubs… But the best thing I found was two b/w photos of Edwardian era ladies. I think I should frame them one of these days.

    One thing I never use are the pretty bookmarks I own.

  2. Judith says:

    I also have a stash of bookmarks. They’re in an envelope, not so nice, I want a little basket for them. Some of them are really postcards that I got from various blog friends or publishers when sent a book.

    I prefer these bookmarks, but if I’m without, I’ll use a paper tissue, or the price tag of an item of clothing, a pen, toilet paper, my finger. 🙂

  3. I use any and everything for bookmarks because I tend to lose track of them easily.

  4. zibilee says:

    I have heard of the bacon being used before, and that always gets a disgusted giggle out of me. I prefer to use post-it notes, because although I do have a collection of bookmarks, I lose them quite easily.

  5. I have a basket full of book marks and love to go through them now & then. It seems I end up using the same few over & over, though. As for odds – pretty much evrything I’ve ever used has already been mentioned.

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