Sitting Around on a Sunday

It’s supposed to hit 97 hot humid degrees here in Chicagoland today so I’m writing this before the heat becomes too unbearable to sit in front of the computer.  I also plan to get to the gym early as well (yes, it’s still surprising to me that I’m saying that) — they have an outdoor pool which I suspect will be very crowded today so I want to get my workout done before the masses arrive.

If it doesn’t get as humid as they predict I will spend the rest of the day sitting outside on the patio and catch up on some reading (if it is too humid I’ll just stay inside with the A/C).  I’m almost done with Quiet by Susan Cain, which I am identifying with so much it scares me.  I just finished a novel for review, Passing Love, which was ok but not great (review to be posted in mid-June), and I hope to pluck something off one of my to-read piles to be-dazzle me.

And Monday is a holiday so I have an extra day to catch up on reading and – if the weather cools off – blogging. I neglected my blog this week, and I have a few reviews I’d like to get written and scheduled, especially in advance of Armchair BEA, in which I will be participating for the first time.

I’m still working to find that balance between my job, spending time with my husband, reading, blogging, and exercising along with anything else that may come up on a given day (Heaven knows what I’d be like if children were added to the mix).  I know people who can live on little sleep, but I am not one of them.  My problem is that not only am I not a night owl, I am also not a morning person, so getting up earlier is not much of an option for me either (though I do wake up at 5:30 am during the week, it is a struggle and any earlier would be torture).

Does anyone have suggestions on practical time management?

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  1. Judith says:

    Hope you have a nice and quiet day. I read one book (ereader) in the garden, that I started yesterday and I’m onto the next book. I love reading in the garden – it has to be pretty warm, so I can sit in the shade, as I don’t like full sun.

    i don’t know how you can manage your time better. I guess it’s a matter of setting priorities and work the rest of the chores/plans around it.

  2. I’m glad to know you’re like me – a night owl and not at all a morning person! We’ll be well-matched roommates for Booktopia, sitting up late reading and getting up just in time to get ready for the first function of the day. And, for me at least, pushing along a caffeine i.v.

    If I could find the secret to time management I’d be so much happier. One thing I just started trying is to take a binder and section if off by subject: Work, Home, Kids, Reviewer (sub-section for each venue I work for), etc., etc. I’ve gotten as far as printing off some of the sections and putting those “title pages” in page protectors at the beginnings of the sections. In each section I plan to print off a regularly updated list of “to accomplish” tasks and try and keep up with things that way. My goal is for it to be portable, along with a calendar and portfolio containing paper, business cards, etc. Don’t know if it works yet, because I haven’t gotten that far!!

    I know some people do this via electronic means – keeping online calendars and such – but I still really enjoy having it on paper. It’s easier for me to grasp, for some reason. I can read via electronics but converting that to action somehow doesn’t do it for me. At least for now.

    RE: Quiet, I bought a copy of that one as well. I reserved it when it was pre-pub via Amazon. It’s on my shortlist of books to read. There have been some really interesting recent articles on the topic of introversion lately, too. So we’re finally coming into the light (ironic, actually)! About time we got some respect.

    See, we’re even better suited for Booktopia! Some would think traveling in total silence means two people don’t get along. But we know that’s not the case at all. We can bury ourselves in books and be happy as clams. Nice to find someone who understands that. 🙂

  3. gsjonuk says:

    Have you tried the swiss cheese method. This is where you work on things for 15 minutes. The theory is that it defeats procrastination (anybody can do anything for 15 min) and it helps reduce the anxiety of large complex tasks by splitting them into bite sized components. And, when a person realizes they are gaining headway, the motivation of progress kicks in.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Very nice blog….love your header. Firstt-time visitor.

    Found you on the Literary Blog Hop List and decided to stop over.

    Stop by my blog if you like. I also have a giveaway going on.


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