Sitting Around on a Sunday

This is the first Sunday in a while where I’ve had no obligations … yay!  I think my husband and I are going to take in The Avengers and then I’ll try to hit the gym later this afternoon.

Yes, you read that right … I’m PLANNING to go to the gym!  I signed up to run my first 5k at the end of August which I’m a bit excited about, except I’m not much of a runner.  Yet.  My sister-in-law just took up running two years ago (and has since run 5 half-marathons) and when I asked her for some advice she sent me all kinds of great information and one of them was a 3 week training plan to get to running a mile.  I’ve finished day 12 and though it’s been a challenge I’m proud of myself for sticking with it.  I’m not going fast but I’m getting more comfortable with running, and I might even try a 1-mile fun run next month that my gym is sponsoring.

I’m still reading of course, just not as much as I have in the past.  I’m currently reading for review a really interesting book set in 1600s Iran called Equal of the Sun; and off of my to-read pile I’m reading Quiet, a book that makes me feel ok about my introverted nature.

What do you have going on today?

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5 Responses to Sitting Around on a Sunday

  1. gsjonuk says:

    Bravo in your fitness discipline Suzanne! I play Ultimate Frisbee to stay in shape and I also enjoy biking to work. It is a 15-20 minute ride in, and a 30-40 minute ride back to my home on the hill, where all good Grinchs hang. I get that feeling of a promising workout, I miss my rides on days where I wimp out due to weather or must automobile-it due to daddy limo duty or appointments.

    Today I have been sinking deep into a catch up list-o-rama. 3 major community commitments keep the fall winter months chalked full of juggling plates for me and I love long weekends to dent into my chore and task backlog. I also have been spending some quality time with my Wifey, Terri.
    2 dates in two consecutive days is unheard of for us, we may go for three if our son prefers video games over his parents. My bet is on for a three-peat.

    • bibliosue says:

      Enjoy those dates Greg and thanks for the encouragement.
      I don’t see you as an introvert but then it’s been a long time since we’ve crossed paths. I’m only about 80 pages into the book so far but I can highly recommend it.

  2. Judith says:

    Wow, brilliant that you’re so into running now (and the gym). If you do the 1mile run, you’re my hero! I can’t run even to the end of the street – on the other hand, I can do a 5 hour cycle ride. 🙂

    We had beautiful weather on Sunday so did some gardening and sat outside with my ereader. Started and finished a whole book!

  3. DoingDewey says:

    I’ve never gotten into running, but I do love the feel of having stuck with a workout plan. Nice work!

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