Library Sale!

I blame this on my husband …. he asked me “The Crystal Lake Library Friends are having a used book sale this weekend.  Do you want to go?”  Umm, duh.  So almost as soon as the doors opened at nine o’clock this morning (and we weren’t even close to being the first ones there!) I was in amongst all of the dealers with their scanners ($25 to use them!) and the people fighting over the James Patterson novels and related dreck (yes, I am a book snob) to look for some treasures.

Well, I don’t know about treasures, but here is what I picked up:

I’ve never read any Toni Morrison, but Rebecca at The Book Lady’s Blog, who has been re-reading Morrison’s novels in anticipation of her new release this spring, recommended The Bluest Eye as the ideal Morrison novel to begin with.  I picked up Gone With the Wind because as I mentioned in my last post about Booktopia an author of a history of the novel and movie will be in attendance, and I thought I’d try to read the book before meeting her and reading her analysis of it (I also just watched a program on PBS about Margaret Mitchell and it was fascinating).  And Middlesex, well,  I have always wanted to read it, and I’ve borrowed it from the library a number of times, but I just never get around to it; hopefully seeing it on my shelf (well, the pile that is in front of my shelf) will get me to finally read it.

I was thrilled with the travel narratives I bought; I’m still hoping that this is the year I can visit Europe even if only for a short time, but until then I will enjoy living vicariously through others’ experiences.

My husband picked up a book (for his dad, unfortunately the hub is still not much of a reader) and some VHS and DVD movies, so the grand total of our splurge was $14.25.  I love library book sales!


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12 Responses to Library Sale!

  1. Leeswammes says:

    Wow, some great books, there! I loved Blindness. I read A Bend in the River years ago and loved it. It’s so poetic and beautiful (if I remember well).

    Good for you to find all these travel books! I hope you’ll manage your trip to Europe.

    • Suzanne says:

      I hope so too, Judith. There is someone in The Netherlands whom I would really like to meet IRL 🙂

      • Leeswammes says:

        You don’t say! It would be great to meet up. Your husband was great asking you to go to the book sale, now I’m expecting him to say something like “I hear there’s this really nice continent next door. Shall we go?” 🙂

      • bibliosue says:

        If he did that, Judith, I think I would faint from shock and then make sure we got on the plane before he changed his mind :-). Not only is he not a reader, he is also not much of a traveller.

  2. Your husband actually ASKED you if you wanted to go to a used book sale?! I’d have to hide the fact that I was going from mine. He loves me to bits, but more books?…….

    • Suzanne says:

      I know Debbie, I was shocked too! I just told him ahead of time not to freak out when I bought lots of BOOKS at a book sale!

  3. These used book sales are the best; enjoy

  4. Mystica says:

    I found Morrison hard going but Middlesex was such an intriguing read. My review is up.

  5. I love GWTW and Middlesex – hope you do too!

  6. I hope you like Middlesex. It’s quite a unique book with rich characters. I have the same copy of The Bluest Eye and it’s still waiting on my shelf. I read Morrison’s Song of Solomon and it was a bit tough-going but ultimately worth it. Hope TBE turns out as well.

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