A Blogger Recommended: I’ve Got Your Number

 I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

Published:  2012 by Random House Audio

Source:  Purchased (audiobook)

Recommended by:  Chris at Chrisbookarama

  I admit to being a mild book snob and generally choose to read books (fiction and non-fiction) that open my mind to other worlds and other ways of thinking.  That said, I will also admit that Sophie Kinsella’s novels are my guilty pleasure.  I loved the first few books of her Shopaholic series (the later ones, not so much) and I’ve enjoyed many of her other novels, especially Twenties Girl.  Her books won’t win any prestigious awards nor be discussed in the high literary salons, but they are entertaining and good fun.

  I’ve Got Your Number is about Poppy Wyatt, a physiotherapist about to get married and who has lost two important things:  her engagement ring, which is a family heirloom; and her phone, grabbed from her hand by a passing cyclist.  It is unsure which item’s loss is more devastating to her, but walking by a trash can (“bin” in Brit speak — I am so glad I listened to this book) she sees a perfectly fine looking phone and, since it was obviously no longer wanted, she rescues it and takes it as her own.  Of course, it is not as simple as that; the phone was used by the former P.A. of Sam Rockston, an executive with White Globe Consulting.  Sam wants the phone back immediately, but after Poppy offers to forward all work-related e-correspondence to him, he agrees to let her borrow the phone temporarily.  Hilarity and romance — intentional and unintentional — ensue.  Yes, the outcome is predictable, but the journey toward that outcome was a pleasure to listen to.

  As I mentioned, I loved listening to the audio version of this book.  The narrator, Jayne Entwistle, was wonderful and sounded exactly like how I imagined a Kinsella heroine would be.  And for me, I think I preferred listening to all of the back and forth text messages and e-mails; I probably would have tired reading them.

Highly recommended.

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5 Responses to A Blogger Recommended: I’ve Got Your Number

  1. Leeswammes says:

    I’ve got this as an ebook and I’m looking forward to reading it soon. Unlike many ebooks I have, I have actually made plans to read it: during the next readathon. 🙂

    Glad to hear you enjoyed it. It sounds like a few hours of fun.

  2. zibilee says:

    I have read a few reviews of this book, and think that it sounds like a light and fun romp that I would really enjoy. I am glad to hear that it didn’t disappoint and that it was a great read for you. I am going to be adding this one to my list. Thanks!

  3. I really enjoyed this – Poppy was good fun without being ditzy. The romance was fun without being over the top and the text messages made it a different style to the usual chick lit.

  4. harvee says:

    This book was my first Sophie Kinsella novel and I enjoyed it so much I was laughing out loud. I went and got some of her other books, but this one I enjoyed the most, so far…

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