Magazine Monday

Welcome to Magazine Monday!  This is a feature I created to talk about magazine articles I’ve read during the previous week.

  This last week was rough for me — nothing in particular was happening, I just felt down in the dumps most of the time.  I was going through the routine of my days without much excitement.  Then I picked up the recent issue of mental floss which has been on the stack for a few weeks and I perked up a little.

  I love mental floss.  It’s subtitle is “Where Knowledge Junkies Get Their Fix” and it is totally true.  Every issue is filled with seemingly useless but very fascinating information which a knowledge/trivia junkie like me absorbs like a sponge.  I’m always tempted to read the issue front to back right when I receive it, but I wait.  I should read it in small doses because it is a magazine perfectly suited for that purpose, but once I start I generally read the whole thing in one or two sittings.

  The current issue is all about fun, and two articles were especially interesting to me.  One article was about the world’s leading laugh scientist (there’s more than one?) who analyzes the sounds of laughter and through his research has determined that laughter is used to bond with others (we are much more likely to laugh when in the presence of others as when we are alone), as opposed to simply reacting to something that is funny, and is also used as a signal of dominance.  Who’d have thought a good laugh could have so much meaning?

  The second article I loved was A.J. Jacobs is Your New Personal Trainer, a set of tips for healthy living that A.J. Jacobs learned while researching his soon-to-be released book, Drop Dead Healthy.  I am a huge fan of Jacobs’ other books, and I cannot wait to get my hands on this one, so this article was a nice taste of what I can look forward to.  The “tips” are very tongue-in-cheek, but like everything else in mental floss they provide material guaranteed to spark interesting conversation:  for example the conversation I should have with my boss about providing me with a treadmill desk.

  What magazines got you talking this week?  Tell me about them!

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3 Responses to Magazine Monday

  1. zibilee says:

    I love Mental Floss too, and need to renew my subscription to that one. That is one magazine that I would read from front to back! Great articles today! I love the one about the effects of laughter.

  2. Greg says:

    Damn you Sue and your awesome magazine ideas. Time management nightmare you will be. A magazine on seemingly trivial matters is too good to not investigate. Must check library to see I they have a time wasting subscription.

    This week I enjoyed the BCAA Westworld magazine. I no longer get paper copies, which Dr. David Suzuki would applaud. However the online version has some functionality which make it computer readable, great for lunch time divergence at work.

    • bibliosue says:

      If you can’t find the magazine in the library, Greg, they have an equally awesome website that is just as time-wasting as the magazine!

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