Sitting Around on a Sunday

  So it’s March now, technically spring, but the weather hasn’t been given that memo.  Here in Chicagoland (at least Northwest Chicagoland) we received a few inches of snow on Friday and intermittent flurries yesterday and today.  The temperature is supposed to hit about 60 degrees early in the week so it’s all going to melt right away, but for now everything outside has a nice clean coating of white.

  I’ve been going to the gym fairly regularly and it’s cut into my reading time, but that’s ok.  I’m (slowly) feeling better about myself and getting more energy so in the not too distant future I should be able to strike a better balance of my time outside of work. 

  It is a great opportunity to get into audiobooks and kill two birds with one stone, but with many audiobooks I’ve tried I’ve been dissatisfied with the experience.  I can’t quite explain why, other than I’ve just not selected the “right” ones.  Does anyone have suggestions on selecting audiobooks? 

  I found out this week that the book I will be giving on World Book Night is The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri.  I read this several years ago and really enjoyed it, and I think this is a perfect opportunity for a re-read and a review.  I’d like to hand out something book-related with the book, but I’ve not thought of anything yet;  my first choice was The Kite Runner and I planned to make bookmarks in the shape of kites.  Any ideas?

  The hub and I will hit the gym later this afternoon, but until then I’m going to take advantage of the extra reading time.  Here’s what I’m currently reading:

  Enjoy your Sunday!

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3 Responses to Sitting Around on a Sunday

  1. Judith says:

    So good you’ve been going to the gym! Did you see my post yesterday about blogger events? There is a healthy eating challenge that involves exercise too. I’ve joined, maybe it’s something you’d like to try.

    I enjoyed The Namesake a lot and it’s nice to hear that you’ve been chosen to give the book away! With regards audiobooks, I don’t listen to them, but I heard the audio of Henrietta Lacks is outstanding – can’t remember whether you read the book already.

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