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  So I’ve been thinking (scary, I know) about what I can do with my blog that is different and that might motivate me to post more consistently.  I’m resurrecting a feature I thought about a while ago called A Blogger Recommended (check back tomorrow!) but I wondered if there were anything else I could do.

  Then it hit me.

   I’m about as much of a magazine junkie as I am a bookaholic, so why not post about a magazine article or two that I find interesting?  And why not put said posts up on Mondays and *poof* create a feature called Magazine Monday?  

  I have a stack of magazines next to my reading chair, and a few more on my nook so I’m confident I will never run out of material for this feature.  And I plan on figuring out how to include a linky list, so I hope that you all will participate with me.  Of course none of us “need” more things to read, but we can’t all find everything on our own, can we?

  I’ll start out with a piece in the March,2012 issue of The Atlantic called McMasterpiece.  This is about an Italian celebrity chef, Gualtiero Marchesi, who created two hamburgers (and a tiramisu-based dessert — yum!)  for McDonald’s.  Most of us (especially in North America) don’t associate high-end Italian cuisine with fast food, but I am not surprised that it happened in Italy and that it was a success.  I am surprised, though, that a homogeneous brand like McDonald’s took a risk.  When I travel, I make a point of not visiting places I can just easily patronize at home, but I might (MIGHT) just visit a McDonald’s if I’m ever in Italy.

  What magazine articles have caught your eye?  Tell me about them!

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3 Responses to Magazine Monday

  1. zibilee says:

    I don’t really read a lot of magazines, but I thought that I would share with you that there is a McDonald’s in my town that serves gourmet sandwiches and hot meals as well. You can order the regular fare, or go for something more exotic. It’s cool, but kind of weird.

  2. Where I’m from – Jamaica – the fast food places (McD & BKing) have menu items that reflect the local cuisine. And this is a great idea for a feature.

  3. This sounds like an awesome feature! I’ve cut back on the magazines I subscribe too, but I love reading long magazine stories. I can’t wait to see what you share each week.

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