Sitting Around on a Sunday

  A busy (and hopefully productive) Sunday in store.  I was at the office for a few hours this morning; it’s a pain but I like the quiet and I can get stuff done without distractions.  Then  some errands with the hub and household chores (yay) and perhaps then I can spend a quiet evening. 

  The Oscars are on tonight so I will probably watch them for at least a little while.  I’ve seen only a few of the movies up for awards and most of the key happenings will be shown ad nauseum on the web tomorrow, but the curious side of me wants to see things as they occur.  I’m really hoping that Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer win awards for their performance in The Help; they were just fantastic.

  The week ahead is slightly less busy for me so I hope to catch up on some reviews I have to write and to also get to the gym a few more times;  I did okay with my attendance last week but I need to come up with a regular routine to keep myself on track.

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  1. zibilee says:

    I hope you have a great week!

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