Sitting Around on a Sunday

  Well, I actually didn’t do a lot of sitting around today. 

   I had a doctor’s appointment last Monday and everything is going well (I have polycystic kidney disease and my blood pressure needs to be monitored regularly) but my doctor finally gave me the weight loss talk.  Not that it was something I didn’t know on my own, but for some reason when I heard it from her it has more impact.  So after a few days of stewing and feeling sorry for myself my husband and I joined an area gym on Friday.  Yesterday we played tennis for an hour which was a lot of fun (it’s been ages since I’ve picked up a racquet, so the skills need some work) and this morning I attended an intro to Pilates Reformer class (which ended up being a personal training session since I was the only one there!).  I’m sore, yes, but even after a short time I do feel a difference in my energy level and I’m hoping I can keep this motivation going even when the novelty of the gym’s newness wears off.

  And to cap off my healthy (healthier) weekend I made an amazing Indian chicken and rice dish in the slow cooker for dinner.  My husband, who is not an adventurous  eater, even ate it and liked it, though he it was spicy for him (me, I love spicy). 

  As much as I love reading I think that I will need to take back some of the time I spend doing that and use it toward exercising and physically improving myself.  If I think about it, there are so many opportunities in the day for me to steal a few minutes here and there to read, but limited blocks of time for me to properly work out.  And  the gym membership is not cheap, so  I need to make the time investment equal the financial one.

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3 Responses to Sitting Around on a Sunday

  1. Leeswammes says:

    Glad your health is going well. Yes, weight… Sigh.

    It’s good you teamed up with your husband to join a gym. Hopefully that makes it much easier to go. In England, my husband one day (after me complaining for months about losing weight) came home with a gym subscription for the both of us. And it was a wonderful gym, that I enjoyed going to (sometimes alone, sometimes with him). But here in the Netherlands, I joined the nicest gym around and it still wasn’t as nice and inspiring. And then when I couldn’t do my favorite exercises because of an arm problem, I gave up.

    I hope you’ll keep going for a good while. It can be good fun. And you know, maybe you could consider listening to audio books during exercise? You don’t want to miss your daily dose of literature!

  2. I miss doing pilates. Classes cost extra at the gym we are part of now, so I haven’t done any yet. But I always felt like pilates gave be a good workout.

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