Super Bowl Mini Readathon — End point

…. Well that didn’t last very long, did it?

Our neighbors just invited us over to watch the game at their place; and, while I would love to spend the rest of the day reading, I also know that I need to be more sociable in the real world, so we will be heading over there shortly.  I’m not interested in the game, but it will be a fun time.

Here are the results of my readathon:

Next year I’ll think about having my own Super Bowl readathon party, and I can kill two birds with one stone…..


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One Response to Super Bowl Mini Readathon — End point

  1. Leeswammes says:

    Well, it’s nice that they asked you, and even when you’re not interested in the game, it’s fun to see other people. As far as the reading is concerned: abominable! 😉

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