bibliosue’s 2012 Reading Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you all had a safe and wonderful holiday.  Christmas was spent quietly at home, and the last week of the year was an extremely busy blur at the office so I did not do anything for New Year’s Eve except relax. 

So … 2012 is upon us and I started thinking about what I want to accomplish with my reading and in turn with my blog.  As much as I love getting free books to review and though a small part of me wants to be an esteemed book critic (I can be delusional sometimes), I think that for 2012 I am going to move away from this.  I don’t do a lot of formal reviewing but when I do it sometimes feels like I’m doing homework and that takes away some of my enjoyment of the reading experience.  I still plan on writing reviews, but it will be for books that I have selected and obtained on my own. 

Given the state of my to-read shelves I really should impose a book-buying embargo, but I know that just is not going to happen (I’m going up to Toronto next week and have a list of books to pick up when I’m there).  What I can commit to, though, is a concentrated effort to control my impulsive book purchases so that I can catch up on what I already own and only purchase books that I genuinely want to read right away.

I don’t think I will set a goal for the number of books to read in 2012.  I read over 120 in each of the last two years and I think that is good enough for me.  I would like to pay attention to what I’m reading rather than how much I’m reading and again given the state of my to-read shelves this is a challenge to avoid wanting to rush through one book to get to the next one. 

Do you have any reading goals for the new year? 

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