Belated Readathon — That’s All Folks

  Time for me to pack it in. 

   I guess I was overly ambitious in the amount of reading I’d get done, since I only completed one book (Domestic Violets — so good).  That said, I did read 70 pages of one book before I abandoned it, about 100 pages of Half Blood Blues, and four or five chapters of Bleak House.  I shouldn’t be down on myself, though — I’ve probably read today what some people might not read in a year.

  It was more tiring than I thought it would be, partially because I didn’t properly plan the snack situation (and I’m an old lady).  Something to remember for next time — coffee can only get you so far.
  I only read for just over nine hours, but for the sake of my charitable donation I’m going to say I read for 10 and will be sending $50 to Sit Stay Read.

  Thank you so much to Amanda at Dead White Guys (Happy Birthday!) and Brittney at The Souls of Thought for hosting this Belated Readathon. 

‘Nite all.

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