You are Not so Smart

Published:  2011 by Gotham Books
Source:  Received from the Publisher for Review
  Here’s a newsflash:  it turns out that I am not so smart.
  Upon reading David McRaney’s book, I discovered a few things about myself, some of which I might not have wanted to know.  He describes 48 different psychological principles that we all experience and which give us the illusion that we are always conscious of what we are doing.  For example:
  1. Apohenia — My niece and I share the same birthday.  Coincidence?  Sure. Meaningful?  Just to me (and hopefully her, but she’s only 5 and right now birthdays are all about her as it should be)
  2. Dunbar’s Number — I have over 500 followers and followees on Twitter (@bibliosue if you don’t already follow me!) but I regularly interact with less than 10% of that group. 
  3. Procrastination — When I add foreign films and documentaries to my Netflix queue I feel so smart and cultured, but when push comes to shove I either keep moving them down the list to get something more popular or I let the DVD sit in its sleeve for a week before giving up and sending it back unwatched.
   Of course once I read about the principles they make perfect sense, but because I now know that I am not so smart it will not prevent me from experiencing them; but I will be aware of them.
   At times I found the narrative to be a bit heavy with details of the various experiments used to prove these principles, but they are necessarily included to show their effects.  Apart from that I found You are Not so Smart to be an interesting and entertaining read and a book that I think could make for interesting discussions with the right book group.
  The publisher has provided a copy of You are Not so Smart to giveaway to a lucky commenter (US and Canada only — sorry!)  Please leave your e-mail address in your comment and on Sunday November 13, I will randomly select a winner and contact them by e-mail.
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