Thoughts on In My Time

In My Time:  A Personal and Political Memoir by Dick Cheney (with Liz Cheney)
Published:  2011 by Threshold Editions
Source:  Borrowed from the Library
  OK, I finished it.  And frankly, it’s kinda boring.
  I think I expected a detailed explanation/analysis of Mr. Cheney’s tenure as Vice-President of the United States,  but this time of his life took up a fairly small portion of the book.  Instead what I read was a thorough autobiography of a man who came from rather humble origins and who came to hold some very important and influential positions.
  I’ll admit that I don’t support Mr. Cheney’s view of politics in America, and I was hoping to read about why he held such conservative views and why he made the decisions he did; however the stories of his political career felt like they came directly from his calendar and lacked insight.  Whether he agreed or disagreed on an issue was the only indication of his position and I wanted to know more.  As he also served as Secretary of Defense under the first President Bush, the narrative emphasized the military and of course the two Iraq Wars and the war in Afghanistan, and the economy and other domestic issues were almost ignored.
  I didn’t hate reading this book, but it is certainly not going on my list of favorites.  
  By the way, I did borrow this book from the library and it was only the other day I noticed the labels on the book’s spine:
Someone at the library must have a sense of humor!

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