5 Best Real People in Fiction

The 5 Best Books meme is hosted by Cassandra at Indie Reader Houston.
  This week’s topic:  The 5 Best Real People in Fiction
  1.   John Singer Sargent  and Virginie Gautreau in I am Madame X by Gioia Diliberto.  This is an interesting novel about the creation of a painting that, in its day, created quite a scandal at the Paris Salon.  I had the opportunity of seeing the real work on a visit to London several years ago and I think I appreciated it more because I read about its (fictionalized) creation.
  2. Leo and Sofya Tolstoy in The Last Station by Jay Parini.  I admit, I have a girl crush on Helen Mirren, so I may have enjoyed the movie more than the book, but the novel is definitely worth reading.
  3. Ernest and Hadley Hemingway in The Paris Wife.  I frankly had no interest in reading Hemingway until I read this novel.  The Sun Also Rises ended up not being my cup of tea, but I loved A Moveable Feast, his memoir of his time in Paris.  And I would love to learn more about Hadley.
  4. Captain Alfred Dreyfus in A Man in Uniform by Kate Taylor.  He’s not a true character in this novel, per se, but his imprisonment under questionable circumstances is the crux of the plot.
  5. Pablo Picasso in Guernica by Dave Boling.  Again he is not a true character, but the novel does describe the creation of his masterpiece based on the destruction of the Basque city during the Spanish Civil War.
Hmmm — and I thought I couldn’t come up with a list for this topic!

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