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Ok this might be a little repeat of my initial post for the Europa Challenge, but I’m a joiner so I’m also participating in the Europa meme.  The rules:

  • Go to the Europa Editions- From 1 to 100 page,
  • Create a post on your blog with the title “Europa Meme.”
  • Copy/Paste the list of books into a new post on your blog.
  • Now:
    • Bold the books you’ve read (you can link to reviews on your blog if you want),
    • Italicize the ones you own but haven’t read,
    • Underline the ones you’d like to buy, and
    • Link to The Europa Meme page!

  Now I am aiming to read all of the titles, but I’ll start with the ones already on my radar:

  1. Elena Ferrante, The Days of Abandonment
  2. James Hamilton-Paterson, Cooking with Fernet Branca
  3. Benjamin Tammuz, Minotaur
  4. Wolf Erlbruch, The Big Question
  5. Jean-Claude Izzo, Total Chaos
  6. Massimo Carlotto, The Goodbye Kiss
  7. Patrick Hamilton, Hangover Square
  8. Sélim Nassib, I Loved You for Your Voice
  9. Edna Mazya, Love Burns
  10. Chad Taylor, Departure Lounge
  11. Ioanna Karystiani, The Jasmine Isle
  12. Matthew F. Jones, Boot Tracks
  13. Wolf-Belli, The Butterfly Workshop
  14. Alicia Giménez-Bartlett, Dog Day
  15. Jane Gardam, Old Filth
  16. Carlo Lucarelli , Carte Blanche
  17. Elena Ferrante, Troubling Love
  18. Jean-Claude Izzo, Chourmo
  19. Massimo Carlotto, Death’s Dark Abyss
  20. James Hamilton-Paterson, Amazing Disgrace
  21. Stefano Benni, Margherita Dolce Vita
  22. Wolf Erlbruch, The Miracle of the Bears
  23. Alfred Hayes, The Girl on the Via Flaminia
  24. Sélim Nassib, The Palestinian Lover
  25. Christa Wolf, One Day a Year. 1960-2000
  26. Massimo Carlotto, The Fugitive
  27. Gene Kerrigan, The Midnight Choir
  28. Altan, Here Comes Timpa
  29. Carlo Lucarelli, The Damned Season
  30. Peter Kocan, Fresh Fields
  31. Jean-Claude Izzo, Solea
  32. Alicia Giménez-Bartlett, Prime Time Suspect
  33. Altan, Timpa goes to the Sea
  34. Alessandro Piperno, The Worst Intentions
  35. Edwin M. Yoder Jr., Lions at Lamb House.
  36. Jean-Claude Izzo, The Lost Sailors
  37. Jane Gardam, The Queen of the Tambourine
  38. Michele Zackheim, Broken Colors
  39. Steve Erickson, Zeroville
  40. Altan, Fairy Tale Timpa
  41. Carmine Abate, Between Two Seas
  42. Katharina Hacker, The Have-Nots
  43. Elena Ferrante, The Lost Daughter
  44. Gene Kerrigan, Little Criminals
  45. Stefano Benni, Timeskipper
  46. Peter Kocan, The Treatment & The Cure
  47. Carlo Lucarelli, Via delle Oche
  48. Alicia Giménez-Bartlett, Death Rites
  49. Gail Jones, Sorry
  50. Jane Gardam, The People On Privilege Hill
  51. Roma Tearne, Mosquito
  52. Helmut Krausser, Eros
  53. Jean-Claude Izzo, A Sun for the Dying
  54. Muriel Barbery, The Elegance of the Hedgehog
  55. Amara Lakhous, Clash of Civilizations Over an Elevator in Piazza Vittorio
  56. James Hamilton- Paterson, Rancid Pansies
  57. Francisco Coloane, Tierra del Fuego
  58. Amélie Nothomb, Tokyo Fiancée
  59. Joel Stone, The Jerusalem File
  60. Domenico Starnone, First Execution
  61. Shashi Deshpande, The Dark Holds No Terrors
  62. Salwa Al Neimi, The Proof of the Honey
  63. James Hamilton-Paterson, Seven-Tenths: The Sea and its Thresholds
  64. Alberto Angela, A Day in the Life of Ancient Rome
  65. Giancarlo De Cataldo, The Father and the Foreigner
  66. Roma Tearne , Bone China
  67. Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, The Most Beautiful Book in the World. Eight Novellas
  68. Muriel Barbery, Gourmet Rhapsody
  69. Valeria Parrella, For Grace Received
  70. Lia Levi, The Jewish Husband
  71. Boualem Sansal, The German Mujahid
  72. Massimo Carlotto & Marco Videtta, Poisonville
  73. Romano Bilenchi, The Chill
  74. Jane Gardam, The Man in the Wooden Hat
  75. Helmut Dubiel, Deep In the Brain.
  76. Ioanna Karystiani, Swell
  77. Valerio Massimo Manfredi, The Ides of March
  78. Daniele Mastrogiacomo, Days of Fear
  79. Alina Bronsky, Broken Glass Park
  80. Linda Ferri, Cecilia
  81. Caryl Férey, Zulu
  82. Jenn Ashworth, A Kind of Intimacy
  83. Leïla Marouane, The Sexual Life of an Islamist in Paris
  84. Lorcan Roche, The Companion
  85. Carmine Abate, The Homecoming Party
  86. Laurence Cossé, A Novel Bookstore
  87. Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, The Woman with the Bouquet
  88. Massimo Carlotto, Bandit Love
  89. Fay Weldon, Chalcot Crescent
  90. Rebecca Connell, The Art of Losing
  91. Damon Galgut, In a Strange Room
  92. Amélie Nothomb, Hygiene and the Assassin
  93. Jane Gardam, God on the Rocks
  94. James Scudamore, Heliopolis
  95. Yishai Sarid, Limassol
  96. Milena Agus, From the Land of the Moon
  97. Luis Sepúlveda, The Shadow of What We Were
  98. Anne Wiazemsky, My Berlin Child
  99. Kazimierz Brandys, Rondo
  100. Alina Bronsky, The Hottest Dishes of the Tartar Cuisine

  I also just purchased French Leave by Anna Gavalda, and I have an ARC of An Accident in August by Laurence Cosse; I am excited to read both of these as well.

  How many of these are on your read or to-read lists?

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