Another Reason Why I Want to Improve my French Skills

  A weekly program on network discussing books and literature, La Grande Librairie  (The Large Bookstore) is my dream television show.  I’ve only seen two episodes so far (I just included this channel in my cable package to improve my French) but it is wonderful.  On each show four authors are profiled; of course most of them are French but Nicole Krauss was also featured; they also profile a bookstore in France and when I visit I am starting a list of places to browse.

  The version I’m seeing is subtitled, so I can follow along and hopefully in the future can just listen to the conversation.  But since the topic of the show interests me immensely, I feel I am making more of an effort to comprehend.  Oh, and I’ve added a few books to my to-read pile; ideally I’ll read them in French or else I’ll eagerly await translations.

  And by the way, why can’t there be programs like this on American television?  There surely would be an audience for this type of show? 

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