More books!

    My name is Suzanne and I’m a bookaholic.

    So in the last two days 13 new books have come into my house.

    On Friday my shipment of books arrived from the Northshire Bookstore, site of the Books on the Nightstand Readers’ Retreat last weekend:

  Three of these (The Blasphemer, The Kitchen House, and A Soldier of the Great War) were books recommended by other readers at the retreat.  The other two, Gertruda’s Oath and The World is a Ball, were impulse purchases found while browsing that amazing bookstore (I know, how I limited myself to only two impulse purchases is beyond my comprehension too).

  Then yesterday I returned to the closing Borders store near my home.  I totally blame my husband for these purchases:

We were out running errands and were going into a store near the Borders, when my husband noticed the sign saying everything was now 80% off and would I like to have a look.  DUH.  So I ventured in and after I got over the shock of seeing the store so empty (it looks like this was the last weekend for them) I browsed through what was left and picked up these gems.  Total purchase:  $19.40  (the cover price of To The End of The Land alone was $26.95).

  I am now running out of shelf space and hope that someday soon my request for a reading sabbatical will be approved…..

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