The High Road by Terry Fallis

The High Road by Terry Fallis
Published:  2010 by Emblem
Source:  Purchased
**** WARNING:  If you haven’t yet read The Best Laid Plans (and you should!) this review may contain some spoilers) ****
  After the fall of the minority Tory government thanks in no small part to reluctant MP Angus McClintock, a Canadian election is called and Daniel Addison thinks he is free of the political life and can return to his new career in academia.  After all, Angus didn’t want to be an MP in the first place, right?  Well, Angus has decided that being a Member of Parliament for Cumberland-Prescott isn’t all bad and perhaps he should at least try to win the election this time, but he won’t do it without Daniel’s help.
  So begins the campaign and early days of the new Canadian government in Terry Fallis’ follow-up to The Best Laid Plans, The High Road.  Describing the adventures of this novel is difficult without giving things away, but suffice to say Angus is still as practical and curmudgeonly as ever (and, at the end of each chapter when he writes a journal entry addressed to his deceased wife, romantic and tender) and Daniel is his supportive, clumsy sidekick.  Add to that some great supporting characters — Angus’ opponents in the election, the GOUT (Geriatrics Out to Undermine Tories) squad  — and an appearance by The President of the United States and the First Lady, and Mr. Fallis has created a funny, entertaining novel of politics as it is done and how it should be. 
  Based on the ending of the novel, I fully expect another book featuring Angus McClintock, MP and (???); hopefully sooner rather than later. 
Highly recommended (but read The Best Laid Plans first)

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