A Man in Uniform

A Man in Uniform by Kate Taylor
Published:  2010 by Crown Publishers
Source:  Borrowed from the library

  Francois Dubon is a relatively successful lawyer in Paris, has a wife with the “right” social connections, and a mistress on the side.  One day, a woman in widow’s mourning comes into his office and, acting on behalf of a “friend”, asks him to prove the innocence of Captain Alfred Dreyfus, a French military officer (who is Jewish) convicted and imprisoned for espionage.
  The Dreyfus Affair, as it is known, is one of the most scandalous events in France’s history.  Mixing real-life personalities with her characters, Kate Taylor has created a suspenseful novel about events in the latter stage of this period; so that even though we know how events really turn out, the reader isn’t always quite sure if Dreyfus will be exonerated.
  Once again I loved the descriptions of Paris — this time of the late 1800s — and enjoyed learning more about this period of France’s history and how it affected life and society during that time.

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