The TBR Pile — A Cautionary Tale

  One of the challenges I’m participating in this year is the TBR Pile Challenge, which aims to clean some of the oldest books off of my to-read shelves.  So today as I was getting ready to head out to my French class in Chicago, I picked up one of the books I’ve chosen for this challenge – The Clothes on Their Backs by Linda Grant – to read on the train.  I started reading and was enjoying the story, but at page 22 – when a key character was about to be introduced – the page number then jumped to page 263!  The last 30 pages of the book are here (as well as at the end) but pages 23-54 are missing.   I found a store coupon inserted in the book with an expiry date of 2/13/2009 so I figure I purchased this book in January of that year; had I picked this book off of my shelf a little bit (ok, a lot) sooner I could have exchanged it at the store.

  As it is, I’ll see if I can get a copy of the book at the library, but fellow book hoarders take note — learn from my experience and at least page through the book once you’ve purchased it (or preferably before you do).

  (I won’t even go into the trauma of being only 25 minutes into an hour and a half train journey without anything to read …..)


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