The Literary Blog Hop — Reading Literary Fiction and Non-fiction

  The Literary Blog Hop is hosted at The Blue Bookcase and this week’s prompt asks us:  How did you find your way to reading literary fiction and non-fiction?
   I can’t remember a specific “aha” moment where I moved to reading more literary works.  As a kid, I adored reading The Bobbsey Twins (does anyone remember them?) and Nancy Drew mysteries, and as a teenager I read the sappy teen romances of the day (Sweet Dreams — anyone?).  But I also was very very curious about a lot of things, and I satisfied this curiosity with books; unlike the lighter reading of my youth these books made me think and led me to other books and other subjects. 

   A specific topic that I can recall being fascinated with as a child was The Holocaust.  I read Anne Frank:  The Diary of a Young Girl when I was eight or nine and from that point I was hooked on reading survivors’ stories.  My small local library didn’t have a big selection, but I read every single book on the Holocaust that they had; some were more well-written than others, of course, but I learned something from all of them.

   I still do guilty pleasure reading occasionally, but as I’ve become older and (?) more mature I am more drawn to thought-provoking novels and non-fiction that keep me interested in all kinds of subjects.  


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