It’s my Blogiversary and you could get the gift!

    When I started my blog one year ago, I wasn’t really sure what I was doing — I knew I wanted to write about the books I’m reading, but other than that I didn’t have much of a plan.  I still don’t have a plan, and I don’t have nearly enough time to spend on my blog as I’d like, but it has been a great deal of fun.

     That said, even if I was having fun with it I probably would have stopped long ago if I didn’t receive any comments on my posts.  I know that there are readers who don’t comment (and that’s ok too), but it’s a great stroke to the ego when you receive positive feedback.  So for all of you that have taken the time to comment on a post, and to follow my ramblings, I thank you.

     So to celebrate, I would like to provide someone with an early Christmas/Hannukkah/Kwanzaa/Winter Soltice gift.  Comment on this post with the name of a book you have on your holiday wish list, include an e-mail address, and on Sunday, November 28, I will randomly select a commenter and will purchase and send that book to you.  And because I’m a worldly kind of gal and know of several followers outside the US, I will send internationally (though if it’s a local book you’re looking for, guidance to a reliable source for it is appreciated!)

    (ahem, I do reserve the right, though, to purchase a copy of said book for myself as well if it sounds good …)

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