It’s Monday – What are You Reading?

  It’s Monday – What are you Reading? is a weekly meme hosted by Sheila at bookjourney to allow us to share with others in the book-loving cyberworld what is on our reading plates.

  This week I finished the following books:

  Books in Progress:

  Also — ta da — I will be starting War & Peace sometime this week.  I’ve started on the introduction but haven’t gotten to page one of the novel yet.  I’m actually looking forward to it — there was a great blog post last week on The Blue Bookcase with tips on reading this novel and that gave me a boost.

  This week is reading group week — I have meetings on Monday & Wednesday — and I have to start thinking about cleaning my house in preparation for Thanksgiving next week (we are having dinner at our house and my parents will be visiting from Winnipeg) so I will likely be a busy beaver with hopefully a few minutes to spare for reading.  Oh, and my Blogiversary is next Sunday, so I’m also planning something for that. 

  What are you reading this week?


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