Ulysses Wednesday #12

Welcome to Ulysses Wednesday, where I track my progress reading James Joyce’s tale of a day in the life of Leopold Bloom.

Status: page 613 of 783
   Ok, I’ve FINALLY finished the play within the novel.  Way weird, and when this section started I thought it would be easier to follow.  The ghost of Stephen’s mother appears, telling him to repent or face God’s wrath; while he cowers.  I really must have what he’s having.  Also some conflict between the English military presence and the Irish (with f-bombs a plenty – I can see how 1920s society would have been “scandalized).
   At any rate, it’s the home stretch — three quarters of the way through and I’m still alive to tell about it.  Which is good because (segue) I just heard about another blogger – Isaac at The Tower of Stories – who is beginning a monthly discussion of Ulysses and since he’s read it before I am sure that he will a lot more articulate and informative about the book than I’ve been and I look forward to reading his thoughts.


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