Finding the time to get it all in

Oh my God, it’s May 5!  I already have the sense that I’m running out of time to read the books I have planned to read this month.  This last weekend, I figured I had plenty of time so I started reading random books from the shelf, but now I’m thinking that I need to re-assess what I am reading and change the rotation accordingly.

Since I’ve joined a couple of  face-to-face book groups, started following different blogs and establishing my own blog, I’ve become more “involved” in the reading community; I have also been fortunate enough to receive a few review copies of books from publishers.  I feel that to make a meaningful contribution to this community I will need to set and follow some sort of schedule.   That’s not to say I’m forcing myself to read — far from it, I want to read too much! — but I think I need to change the way I choose what I read. 

If you blog — how do you choose what and when you read?  Do you keep to any kind of schedule?

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