What to read, what to read

Like many booklovers, I have a huge pile of books on my shelves (and on the floor, as it happens) waiting to be read, along with a few (or many) books that I have borrowed from the library.  Last night after I finished the book I was reading (Almost Home by Pam Jenoff — very good!) I went to select my next book and – I was paralyzed with indecision!

How do I choose what to read next?  The book that was recently released and is receiving lots of positive buzz?  The book about a topic currently making headlines?  How about this one — no, if I bring that to work I’ll receive some funny looks (well, I do already, because I READ).  Or this library book that is due back next week – nah, I’m just not in the mood for it right now.

I have some books set aside for upcoming reading challenges and I’ve thought about organizing the to-read pile by month or something to make it more manageable (that’s not the right word – I can’t think of a better one though) but of course the pile is not static — I am always adding to it and the bright shiny new book sometimes moves ahead of all the others who have been waiting patiently to be read.

So what did I decide on?  The book that has probably been on the to-read pile the longest:

The book has long since been released in paperback, but I have the hardcover, purchased during a visit to family in Winnipeg maybe a year and a half ago.
How do you decide what to read next?  Do you have a system?

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