World Party Reading Challenge

I just realized that at the beginning of the year I had signed up for a few reading challenges and I have not done anything about them.  So what am I going to do – sign up for another one!

I came across fizzythoughts’ blog today and in reading some recent entries I noticed a World Party Reading Challenge that she is starting in April.  As an avid reader and armchair traveller (a real traveller when I have a few extra pennies kicking around) this challenge is ideal for me. 

I have read books on several of the countries selected (France, England, Ireland) and there are others about which I’ve read little or nothing (Liberia, Cambodia) so I’m excited to explore the libraries and bookshops for material.

I just took a look through my (massive) to-read pile and already have a few books ready to go:
                         April (France):   Paris Times Eight:  Finding Myself in the City of Dreams, by Deirdre Kelly
                         May (Communist Country):  The Knife Sharpener’s Bell, by Rhea Tregebov
                         July (Rwanda):  Baking Cakes in Kigali, by Gaile Parkin
                         November (Turkey):  My Name is Red, by Orhan Pamuk
                         March (Ireland):  The Gathering, by Anne Enright
I have a few other books that I can use for December, which is a “choose your own” month, and I won’t have any difficulty finding books for October (India) and February (England); but I’ll need some help for June (Liberia), August (New Zealand), September (Native American tribe), and January (Cambodia).

Suggestions anyone?

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