Ulysses — come join me


Last year I took it upon myself to read In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust — the whole thing.  It took me about nine months, and I can’t say that I enjoyed the whole thing, but there are certainly sections that are wonderful; and now that I’ve read it I can see Proustian references in quite a number of other books.

  I set up a group on Goodreads to discuss my progress through the novel and met some great people who read it along with me  (Cherlize and Ed, that’s you!).  Now that we’ve conquered Proust, I brought up the prospect of taking up Ulysses by James Joyce — others have taken it on and have already finished, while I’m still in the thinking about it stage — NO MORE.

  On June 16th – the day which the novel takes place – I am going to start reading Ulysses, a few pages a day, and post at least once a week on what I’ve read (thank you to Ti @ Book Chatter for the inspiration for this project – she read a few pages a day of Moby Dick and posted weekly).

  Anyone out there brave enough to join me?

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