A book not quite ready for its time

Cutting for Stone

I hate it when I start a book that I have been eagerly anticipating and don’t feel pulled in right away.

Cutting for Stone has been on my to-read list for the last year, and when it was recently released in paperback I took the plunge and purchased it (well, it wasn’t so brave as that — not much incentive is needed to get me to buy a book).
I started it the other day and I’m about 120 pages in and — I’m not sure that I enjoy it.  It’s got me just enough to want to continue, but not enough that I want to stop everything else and keep reading.  I might give it another chapter or two before deciding whether to put it aside for the time being; but if anyone has read it — can you give me a reason to keep on?

Do you have a book that you’ve been excited to read only to be disappointed with it?

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