Caught up with Olympic fever

I have been waving the Canadian flag this last week cheering on the homeland’s Olympic curling and hockey teams, and if I was creative enough to tie in that with reading I would have posted earlier (though if reading was in the Olympics we’d all be medal contenders, no?)
I just finished reading The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters last night, a novel about an apparently haunted house. I don’t usually go in for stories like this, and I wasn’t really impressed with Waters’ novel The Night Watch, but I had heard good things about it, especially biblioaddict’s review, so when I saw the book on the shelf in the library I picked it up. It was a pretty creepy story with a fair amount of suspense, and at the end the direct cause of all the happenings is not explicitly stated, which I think makes things even creepier because once I closed the book I continued to think about the possibilities and had some very weird dreams once I went to sleep.

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